Wednesday, March 23, 2011

new E ZINE coming your way.

So me and Erin are trying a new shinanigans.  ITs a E-Zine.  It is going to be all put together on a link on this blogsite so here is a headsup when you see a title about an E-Zine, you know it is on for sure.  Thanks for checking in and we will be back next time with some sick awesome zineige.  Peace.

Monday, January 31, 2011

bike club now official.

Hello everyone,
   The bike club is official We are the snake eyes, we roam the streets and ride our bikes and have a good time.  Shinanigans always ensues wherever we end up.  We have bike checkups and tune ups, we have soda and probably delicious food.  Bring your bike and if you want to be an official member bring a vest and we will give you a honorary snake eyes bike club patch.  You will be the hottest crap on the road.  We will ride somewhere and than ride back, bring your skateboards and we can kick it.  See the earlier post for bike club patch rough draft, it pretty much looks like that.  IT IS SICK. 
  Erin is making some awesome pictures, and they are awesome. 
Good luck with everything.  We made some awesome sushi tonight, homemade with wasabi and fresh organic avocados.  the best christian band in the world is Lust Control.  Here it is.
some other good christian bands.
flatfoot 56
I dont know theyr name but the CD is called destroy this city.  good luck finding it.

  Now ride yo bike.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

listen to crack rock steady

Ok captains,
  Me and Erin are planning on starting a bike gang, if you are in give us a call or a message, we are called snake eyes bike gang, we do not know much about bikes but we are sure to have a good time.  We are planning a ride to 7-11 where we will pick up some slimjims and soda then go back home.  If you want to join please feel free to send us some information and we will send you your honorary bike gang patch.  easy rider for sure.  alright here is what our patch looks like 

and here is some good crack rock steady.  good night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

  Another dose of the marose ness coming to you live from where we are at.  Yes if you are following this blog than you are a winner!  I have been looking introspectivley and noticed that this blogging shinanigans is very egotistical, it is a medium where my ideas, life, and perspectives are thrown at you unflitered by our general need for cohesian and interdependence, I am still struggling with this concept.  SO not to toot my own horn but here is a video erin took of me when I first started skateboarding this summer, enjoy the sunshine.

IN the future we will also have reports on trips to meijer gardens and its extreme awesomeness, the detroit institute of awesome art, and anything that makes us happy and hopefully you happy.  Like for example some pictures of our fish taco who is awesome.

To finish we love BBQ and Mt Dew so if you get us any of that you will definatelly get a writeup about your awesomness on this blog.  I mean it!
 and remember, listen to ska and die.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roar Zombie Dinosaur!

Whats Up SUckers,
  Today we saw a zombie dinosaur, I mean some time ago, it was on cake boss the next great baker, she works for chevrolet, apparently while they were digging for oil they unearthed her from the sludge and hired her in their sales department and she wanted a chevy cake on cake boss.  Those whose cakes sucked were fed to her, cause shes a zombie dinosaur.  This is a recreation of her.

From now on untill the day we kill ourselves we will be blogging about random stuff and keepin it legit.  We will have daily happenings from me and erin and we will try to put out some cool bands and cool recipes that maybe are new for everyone.  Oh and about the authros, Erin is a beautiful lady who is in school and likes art and nature, Terrell is in school and enjoys skateboarding all kinds and snowboarding (just started). 
   So keep it peacefull until the police arrive.

Terrell & Erin